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Benefits of a Patriot Partnership

  • You control your money - payments are made to carriers based on our approval
  • Prompt turnaround of freight invoices sent to us for payment processing (within 24 hours)
  • An audit of the freight charges to assure accuracy
  • Corrected invoices from the carrier are automatically issued when necessary
  • Any uncharacteristic charges are brought to the attention of the client

Patriot's Top 10 Ways to Save You Money on Transportation Costs

1.      No out-of-pocket costs to you, as Patriot is paid based on savings

2.      Reduction in labor cost

3.      Negotiate better pricing and contracts with our combined buying power

4.      Claims reduction

5.      Improve transit times

6.      Audit freight bills to prevent overcharge

7.      Follow HOT shipments

8.      Eliminate accessorial charges

9.      Customized and detailed reports recapping activity and savings

10.  Experienced professionals on call 365 days a year



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